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Secure, contactless check-in for your customers, visitors, contractors and staff 

Know who, and how many are on site,  with contactless, secure sign in

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Contactless QR



Print QR code posters

Run on tablet of your choice

Get detailed reporting


Can you easily register people 
coming through your doors?

Is your system contactless and secure? 

Could you quickly contact people again if you needed to, or would you be searching through pages of paper forms?

EVA Check-in meets your guest register needs, and your visitor management needs.

Whether you need to keep track of staff on site, or visitors to your office, café, or sports and recreation venues, EVA Check-in makes it easy to capture who was onsite at any time and minimises the admin.


Visitors, customers and staff check in safely, quickly and contact-free on their phones.  And manual check-in is always available for those without a device.

Data is kept secure, encrypted, private, and destroyed when no longer needed.



Visitor management solution trusted by 400+ businesses

More than 3 millions check-ins in the last 6 months 


EVA Check-in is a simple solution that can be set up with or without hardware. Print the QR code or deploy to a tablet. lt has all the security and data privacy settings you need, and a price point that makes sense.

  • No handwritten guest registers, shared pens, or systems that aren’t privacy-focused.  ​

  • Save on administration time. Your guests can check themselves in fast with no queues.

  • Capture the data that makes sense for your organisation - from car registrations to student IDs.

  • Built-in reporting keeps you up to date with check-ins and makes it easy to find who else was on site at any time​. What is built-in reporting?​​

  • Manage multiple sites and use zones to organise and track movement within larger sites.

  • It’s simple to get started - nothing to install, and easy for guests to use - using just their web browser on their phone or our free mobile apps

Just 4 easy steps for getting set up and checking in visitors

Step 1

Get your site-specific generated QR code.

Step 2

Display this QR code on your entrance

Step 3

Visitors scan the QR code and are directed to a mobile webpage to complete their details (or they can use our mobile apps)

Step 4

Check-in complete!

And their details remembered by their phone for fast check-in next time.

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