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Flexible visitor management

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Kiosk, QR code, mobile app and  geofence check-in options

Capture all the visitor data you need, on or before arrival​

Real-time and historical views of who checked in, when and how​



Visitor management solution trusted by 400+ businesses

More than 8 millions check-ins in the last year

Workplace check-in that works for you

EVA Check-in is a comprehensive workplace check-in solution that helps you look after your people.


Get everything your visitors, contractors and staff need to check in their way - from QR code posters to reception kiosks and mobile apps. You can even set up geofences for automatic check-in. 

Save administration time. Let your visitors check-in fast with no queues.

Capture the data that makes sense for your organisation - from car registration to vaccine status.

EVA works well whether you have one site or hundreds. Manage the movement of contractors, visitors and staff across multiple sites and zones with ease.

It’s simple to get started and easy for guests to use. 

All this and more at a price point that makes sense.

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