All features

Visitor registration system for every organisation

EVA Check-in is a secure, easy to use guest register and visitor management solution. It helps organisations meet their health and safety obligations and supports contact tracing initiatives.

AD sync

Select your host and let them know you’ve arrived

Automations and alerts

Get notified of check-ins, set up automatic check-outs

Custom processes

Set up check-in workflows to suit your needs

Digital kiosk check-in

Professional, paper-free reception experience

EVA Pass

Reusable digital check-in pass

Hot desk booking

Manage hot desks individually or as zones

In app and SMS notifications

Send a message to everyone on-site


Connect to other applications and services with webhooks

Mobile apps

Free Android and iOS apps for faster, easier check-ins

Monitor capacity

Set a site’s visitor capacity and get alerts when it’s reached


Collect all the info you need from your visitors, ahead of time

Privacy-first design

Flexible data retention policies, data masking and data access auditing

QR code check-in

Scan on a poster or tablet for fast, contactless check-in, anywhere


Visitor logs and analytics

Security built-in

ISO 27001 certified, end-to-end encryption

Site geofencing

No more queues with automatic check-in and out

Visitor label printing

Print badges for your visitors when they sign in


Flexible management of all your spaces