Visitor registration system for every organisation

EVA Check-in is a secure, easy to use guest register and visitor management solution. It helps organisations meet their health and safety obligations and supports contact tracing initiatives. 

Customised check-in experience

Create a check-in experience that works for your organisation

Add custom welcome and sign out messages

Display your own health & safety messages on check-in

Add your logo 

Collect the data you need with custom check-in fields

Custom check-in process, including pre-screening questions (Add-on feature)

Digital kiosks

Use EVA Check-in as a digital kiosk for a paper-free reception experience

Easily set up a check-in kiosk for your reception area on an iPad or Android tablet, or on a desktop

Connect with your organisation's Active Directory or staff list - visitors can choose who they're meeting with (Add-on feature)

Great for visitors who don't have their own device - eg schools, sports, aged residential care

Single, secure system to manage all check-ins

QR code posters

Fast, contactless check in using QR code posters

Each site (and, if you wish, visitor type) has it's own QR code for accurate visitor tracking

Visitors check in quickly, safely and contact-free using their own device 

Print the default poster or design your own

Mobile apps

Great for regular visitors or family groups

Free Android and iOS apps for faster, easier check-ins

Create multiple profiles on your device - eg for yourself plus your children

Get check-in and check-out reminders if geofences are set up (Add-on feature)

Flexible check-in experience


Security & compliance



Privacy-first design on secure Azure technology

Hosted in Microsoft Azure Datacentre meeting Australian cloud services standards 

Conforms with the principles of the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) and the Australia Privacy Principles

Favourably reviewed by the Privacy Commissioner of NZ and working towards Privacy Trustmark accreditation.

Automatic deletion of visitor data after a designated period

EVA Check-in has security at top of mind 


All data collected  is encrypted in transit and at rest

EVA Check-in is subject to regular security checks and the code is scanned for vulnerabilities before every release

Web servers are protected by the Cloudflare Web Application Firewall

All information access is tracked and audited

Microsoft Office 365 account integration

Reporting & analysis



Powerful built-in reporting

See who is on site now

Complete, searchable activity log per site

Audit logs ensure all access to visitor information is captured 


Analyse your check-in data

CSV export of check-in data

Use our reporting API to analyse check-in data in your existing analytics tools (Add-on feature)

Integrations & automations 


Integrations & APIs

Connect to other business applications with webhooks and access reporting via API 

Active Directory integration (Add-on feature)

Webhook integrations

Reporting API (Add-on feature)

Automations & Alerts

Create automations and alerts for your check-in management team 

Set site visitor maximums and get alerts when the maximum is reached 

Set up automatic check-outs based on visitor type, after a time you specify (or after midnight) 

Get notified when anyone checks in  - useful for unattended reception areas

Admin & Setup


Admin Portal

Manage your organisation's EVA Check-in setup through the administrator portal 

Manual check-in for visitors who don’t have a mobile phone or are having issues 

Set up different visitor types - eg staff, contractor, visitor

Divide your spaces into sites and zones for fine-grained understanding of visitor access and movement

Chatbot for instant answers to support questions 24/7 

Set up geofences for check-in and check-out reminders through the mobile app (add-on feature)

Support for large multi-site deployments

Even if you're a large organisation, it's quick and easy to get started with EVA Check-in

Flexible roles and permissions at site level and across multiple sites

Bulk import tools to make it quick to get set up 

Bulk export of your organisation's QR codes

Microsoft Office 365 account integration




EVA parking lets you make the most of the car parks you have, allowing staff and visitors to book in advance. It gives your customers and staff confidence they have a spot before they arrive – while making it easy for you to flexibly manage your bookings and capacity.

Manage multiple car park locations

Flexible capacity management

Check-in by car registration

Instant car park bookings

Change and add bookings

No-show handling

Integrate with existing systems 


AD sync for staff listings and imports

The 'meeting with' feature in the EVA kiosk notifies hosts guests have arrived. The list of hosts can be manually added or automatically be kept up to date.


If you wish to synchronise your staff listing with your Active Directory, then use this add-on. It supports Azure AD and on-premise Active Directory servers.


You can import list of staff from multiple sources  - use the import to handle groups of people like residents that aren't in your Active Directory. 

Custom check-in process 

Handle advanced check-in processes with custom check-ins. Create your own fields and screens to capture the information you need from your visitors.


You can ask different questions and show different screens per visitor type and site (so staff, contractors and casual visitors could all follow a different process, for example).

Custom check-in processes can also be used with pre-arrival screening.


Pre-register visitors before they arrive and, optionally, send them a pre-registration checklist, survey, induction or form ahead of their visit.*  


* sending  via SMS requires a pre-paid bundle

Auto check-in with geofencing

Make it easier for staff, frequent visitors and contractors to check-in and out automatically - use the EVA mobile app with location tracking and geofences.  Once enrolled at a site, staff can be reminded or automatically checked-in and out without having to scan a code. Staff opt-in to location tracking on their phones.

Not sure which features are for you?