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Practical site safety tools for every organisation

EVA Check-in is a practical, easy-to-use sign-in and safety solution. It helps organisations keep their people and contractors safe on-site and meet their health and safety obligations. It automates safety processes, including compliance management for hundreds of businesses every day.

tools for any workplace

Kiosk sign-in

Run a sign-in kiosk on an iPad or Android tablet.

QR code sign-in

Quickly scan a QR poster or the QR code on the EVA Check-in kiosk app to sign-in.

Mobile app sign-in

iOS and Android EVA Check-in mobile apps. Both with 4.4+ star rating.

Remember details from visit to visit

Streamline the sign-in process for those who visit often using the mobile check-in experience. Intelligent data masking ensures no accidental data leakage.


Automatically notify staff when visitors arrive via email and SMS or integrate with Microsoft Teams or Slack if preferred. The staff list can be manually or automatically maintained.


Collect different information from visitors depending on their role. For example, collect more details from visitors than staff. Customize sign-in workflows for different visitor types.

No limits

Unlimited sign-ins, visitors, staff, and contractors on all plans. Unlimited sign-in entrances at each site.

Customizable branding

Tailor your sign-in kiosk with your logo, brand colors, background image, and welcome message.

Geofence sign-in

Automatic sign-in to your site – all hands-free and contactless using a virtual perimeter.

Visitor label printing

Print badges for visitors at sign-in. Wireless label printing is supported on iPad. Premium Kiosk supports Windows printing.  Bulk print labels in advance for group arrivals.

Reusable pass sign-in

Digital pass for Apple Wallet or Google Pay. When using Apple Wallet, the pass appears on the lock screen when the visitor is near a kiosk.

Premium kiosk

Standalone large-format Window touchscreen kiosk with advanced branding, video and multi-language capability.

Tools for easy management

Single sign-on

Use your Microsoft work account to sign in – no new credentials to remember. Easy onboarding and offboarding of users.

Customizable sign-in flows

Run different workflows for each visitor type and collect the necessary data. Data could include acknowledging safety processes, NDAs, signatures, and more.


Powerful built-in reporting and analytics let you see who is on-site, analyze and export your sign-in data. Retain an auditable record according to the data retention policy you set. Advanced reporting API also available.

Staff list sync

Keeps in sync with your staff lists when integrated with Microsoft Entra ID (previously Active Directory) – cloud and on-premises.

Premium support

24x7 chatbot and help website plus email support on all plans.


Send in-app or SMS alerts to everyone signed-in. For example, to alert workers to localized hazards. Set up daily messages for daily site briefings or broadcast evacuation messages.

Data retention policy

Configurable data retention policy by visitor type. Automatically make sure you’re keeping data for only as long as you need it.

Automatic sign-outs

Set automatic sign-outs based on visitor type if visitors forget. Specify the time of auto sign out based on hour of day or hours since sign in.

Evacuation tools

Multiple wardens evacuate everyone using a real-time muster list using either the mobile-optimized kiosk app or the portal. Identifies those needing extra help. Use reports for H&S compliance reviews.


Collect information in advance about visitors to accelerate their sign-in on arrival. Bulk print labels in advance for groups.

Monitor capacity

Set a site’s visitor capacity and get alerts when it is reached.


Split your large workplace or worksite into different zones to record sign-ins by area.

Tools to improve site safety

Paperless inductions

Run inductions before or at arrival, which includes sharing site information, uploading permits, watching videos, and asking review questions. Check that contractors meet safety standards.  Keep inductions certificates so contractors can skip at their next visit.

Evacuation tools

Multiple wardens evacuate everyone using a real-time muster list using either the mobile-optimized kiosk app or the portal. Identifies those needing extra help. Use reports for H&S compliance reviews.  Broadcast messages across site before and during evacuations.

Site documents

Everyone can view site safety documents, safety datasheets, and operating manuals without an app by scanning QR codes (or using our mobile apps for an even easier experience). Documents are securely stored within EVA Check-in.

Incident reporting

Everyone can self-report hazards or incidents in the free mobile apps, including uploading photos. Automatically sends incident reports to anyone you nominate. Download branded PDF reports or email submissions.


Login with Microsoft

Use Microsoft accounts to log in with multifactor authentication. Easy on and off boarding of users.

Multiple administrators

Select which sites they manage, the features and what visitor information they can view.

Security built-in

EVA Check-in is hosted in the Microsoft Azure datacenter in Australia. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and all information access is tracked and audited.

Privacy-first design

Flexible data retention policies, automatic data masking, and full data auditing.


UK GDPR compliant. See our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

ISO 27001 certification

Theta (the company that develops and manages EVA Check-in) and the data centers it uses are ISO 27001 certified.

Works with the tools you already do


Link contractors’ attendance data to your Procore projects for better reporting and time-on-site usage reconciliations.

Microsoft Entra ID (previously Active Directory)

Keep your staff lists in EVA Check-in in sync when integrated with Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Active Directory) – cloud and on-premise.

DIY integration

Using our Webhooks integration with Zapier or Power Automate, you can connect to thousands of other systems like Microsoft Teams and Slack. Or create a digital in/out board.

Flexible forms

No-code digital forms solution. Let anyone checked in submit a form. Collect submission in email inbox or send to a 3rd party system.

Outlook add-in

Automatically detects that you’re inviting people from outside your organization and sends pre-arrival information. Optionally pre-register visitors too.

Reporting API

Pull data into your own data warehouse or reporting solution.

Resource bookings

Appointment booking

Let customers book and manage their appointments via the EVA Check-in booking portal. Administrators configure appointment capacity and duration.

Car park booking

Secure booking portal for car parks. Greenlight specific number plates and add banned registrations to a block list.  Dedicated parking app for booting/clamping companies to check for valid bookings.

Hot desk booking

Manage hot desks individually or in zones. Staff book shared desks using the booking portal according to your setup – by time slots, individual choice, or automatically allocated.

Premium kiosk sign-in

Advanced branding

Sophisticated styling options include logo, colors, video, background images, and more.

Photo carousel

Visitors select their hosts via name search and a photo carousel. Perfect for when people are meeting for the first time.

Multi-lingual display

Choose to display visitor sign-in premium kiosks in up to 47 different languages.

Compliance management

Supplier database

A verified vendor database of companies you’ve approved to work with you. See who is approved, when verification expires, their contact details, and what documentation they supplied. Classify with flexible tagging for areas of cover or grade of service.

Supplier portal

Your suppliers manage their contact details, permissions and add users. They can see their outstanding onboarding tasks and their status.

View approved suppliers at sign-in

Staff from approved suppliers signing-in can select their company from the approved supplier list.

Supplier workflows

Designed to support and manage vetting suppliers. Maximum flexibility with multi-step processes, multi-level approvals (manual or scored), and different flows for different supplier types. Includes audit history.

Assess and score

Scoring and assessment processes for insurances, health and safety, environmental, social and governance, and security.