SwipedOn and Sine

What you need to know when evaluating these products

First, we'd like to acknowledge the teams at SwipedOn and Sine (now Honeywell Forge Visitor and Contractor Management). They've both built great sign-in products for workplaces. You're in the right place if you're here to understand the difference between these products. You're also in the right place if you'd like to see how a third comparable tool stacks up in this comparison.

What's the difference between SwipedOn and Sine?

SwipedOn and Sine are both SaaS companies offering workplace sign-in tools, but they have some key differences.

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EVA Check-in:

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1. Core features

Both SwipedOn and Sine provide key features you'd expect of a visitor management tool, such as visitor and staff registration, digital sign-in, pre-filling data for returning visitors, badge printing, and host notifications.  

However, when you dive in deeper, you'll see differences in check-in methods. SwipedOn offers QR code poster, app, kiosk and geofence sign-in, whereas Sine has opted for app, kiosk and geofence sign-in .  You’ll need to check what check-in options are offered on what plan – as some plans are limited to specific check-in methods only.

How does EVA Check-in stack up?

We have all of the above, and another check-in option, which is great for pre-registered guests — the EVA Pass. In addition to mobile, kiosk, geofence, and QR code, the EVA pass is a great reusable digital check-in option for pre-registered visitors. All plans can use mobile, kiosk, QR code and EVA Pass without incurring any extra charges.

2. Technology stack

The SwipedOn kiosk/tablet sign-in app is available for iOS and Android, whereas the Sine kiosk app is only available for iOS. Both SwipedOn and Sine have visitor apps available in iOS and Android app stores.

How does EVA Check-in stack up?

Like SwipedOn, EVA Check-in mobile and kiosk apps are available for both iOS and Android users. You can also use a lightweight version of the kiosk in any browser – which means a wide range of devices including Windows machines are supported.  Our Premium Kiosk offering is specially designed for large format Windows touchscreen devices.

3. Unlimited usage

Sifting through the plans, it's clear that both tools offer some features that are unrestrained by volume, such as the number of check-ins, staff, notifications, and kiosks at the same site. But be careful; you will need to check each plan's limits as neither company has a blanket unlimited usage on all plans for those features that scale with size.  For example, most SwipedOn  plans are limited to one visitor check-in flow per site  or there are limits on the number of sign-ins on the Sine plans.

How does EVA Check-in stack up?

Since starting, we've stayed true to the idea of "no limits". We wanted all subscribers to use the product without fear of being capped or facing additional charges for volume of check-ins. One of our customers manages over 13,000 sign-ins each month and has the same monthly charge as a business managing just 200 sign-ins, for example. Many customers have different check-in workflows based on the type of visitor they are (for example visitors, contractors and staff) and many others have many entrances using different check-in options (like kiosk at front reception and QR code on the loading dock). EVA Check-in also has no limits on the number of admin users. This unlimited usage concept means EVA Check-in gives the best value for money.

4. Multi-site businesses

Both the SwipedOn and Sine websites refer to multi-site discounts. However, as the discounted pricing isn't listed on their websites, we couldn't review it.

How does EVA Check-in stack up?

We're transparent about our pricing. Your 6th, 7th, and 8th sites etc. get a whopping 80% discount. Try our pricing calculator to see it for yourself. We know that our customers with multiple locations love this discount. This local council uses EVA Check-in to manage sign-ins and inductions at 34 sites, for example.

EVA Check-in also lets you add multiple check-in zones within the same site for no additional cost.

Most of our contractors come to our sites frequently – we now have everyone using EVA Check-in to sign-in and complete inductions. We're getting about 1,500 sign-ins and H&S inductions each month across 34 sites. Everything is online and is fantastic value for money – the substantial volume site discount makes a huge difference to us. Duncan Barr, CIO, Napier City Council

5. Wrap-around safety

Sign-in and safety often go hand in hand. Both the SwipedOn and the Sine platforms can run inductions and gather key documents like certificates. Using Sine, contractors can also self-report hazards.

How does EVA Check-in stack up?

You can run simple or complex inductions and gather specific information from contractors. You can see at a glance the certifications and permits of every visitor.  

EVA Check-in’s onsite forms capability is very flexible allowing visitors, staff or contractors to complete whatever forms you need – whether that is letting guests order a coffee on arrival or complete a near miss report, it covers all the bases. These forms work without the mobile app too – which is good for more occasional visitors or those with a lower tech threshold.

6. Evacuations

Knowing who is on-site to evacuate is part of being a responsible host and employer.  SwipedOn and Sine both have limited evacuation management functionality. When using SwipedOn, you’ll need to grab the iPad or tablet at reception to take with you (and this is probably hard to do if the iPad is in a secure stand). Also there is no way for multiple wardens to check people off in real-time (useful for larger sites or sites with many evacuation points). As far as we could tell, Sine doesn’t have a dedicated feature for evacuations – although it does have the ability to send out a broadcast message – like an emergency notification.

How does EVA Check-in stack up?

All EVA Check-in plans come with an expert evacuation feature. You can have multiple wardens check off people as they leave the building from different exits in real-time. All managed from either the mobile or kiosk. If you need to you could also notify visitors of hazards in a specific area using a broadcast message.

6. Integrations

Integrations with other systems enhance the functionality and efficiency of the sign-in process. Both SwipedOn and Sine have integrations with Microsoft Active Directory and communications tools like Slack. In addition to the communications tools integrations, Sine also has integrations with access control solutions like Gallagher and various Honeywell solutions. It also has generic Webhook support.

How does EVA Check-in stack up?

EVA Check-in also integrates with Active Directory, Teams, and Slack. And while we don't have an integration with any access control software, we do have a deep integration with Procore (construction management software). This integration is a huge time-saver for our construction customers, as the time on-site data syncs automatically into the Manpower log.

EVA Check-in also supports webhooks – a generic integration capability that lets you get EVA Check-in data into pretty much any other system when connected with tools like Zapier/Power Automate/Make. Not only can check-in information be shared this way with 3rd parties but also any inductions and onsite form submissions like incident reports.

7. Security and Privacy

Both Sine and SwipedOn have some form of user authentication – SwipedOn allows for multi-factor authentication on all plans and Sine offers Single Sign On on its Enterprise plans.  

In terms of third party accreditation of processes and policies, SwipedOn has an ISO 27001 accreditation. Sine however relies on the accreditation status of its data centre partners.  

We tried to compare the datamasking and privacy features in SwipedOn and Sine, but found that it was less clear what either company offers.

How does EVA Check-in stack up?

If your business uses Microsoft, then you’ll be able to authenticate using your Microsoft accounts with EVA Check-in. This enables single sign-on regardless of the plan you’re on and MFA (if your MS account is enabled for MFA).  Using Microsoft accounts means offboarding is taken care of.  EVA Check-in users can customize their data retention policies and it also supports data masking for admin users.   There is also no unintentional data leakage, if say a person with the same first name visits your workplace.  

Finally, here at EVA Check-in we’re proud that we continue to meet our ISO 27001 accreditation as well as use datacentres that have this accreditation also. This means that we (and our datacentre partner) follow best practice for securely managing all information.  

Key takeaways

Ultimately, the choice between Sine and SwipedOn depends on the specific needs and preferences of the workplace. Just be careful to check the limits on the plans and security features that comes in each.

If you're considering SwipedOn or Sine, EVA Check-in should be part of this evaluation if you:

  • Have limited budgets, and you don't want any surprises (EVA Check-in is more cost effective than the other two).
  • Have multiple worksites.
  • Have large traffic sites or highly mobile workforces.
  • Need advanced safety tools.
  • Want enterprise security features like Microsoft Account Sign on and Data Retention in the base plan.
  • Work in the construction or civil engineering sectors.

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