Our top priority when we started on this project was to roll out a site sign-in solution that is easy for our sub-contractors to use. It had to work well across Android and iOS devices and remember the contractors' details from their previous sign-in. EVA Check-in has delivered this across McNab construction sites.

Matthew Bates
IS Manager, McNab

The EVA booking system has been a great way for us to manage parking capacity and load throughout the season, especially at peak times. The tech works well, it's easy for our busy team to use without needing extra hardware, and our visitors have certainty and less stress as they make their way up the mountain.

Jono Dean
CEO, Ruapehu Alpine Lifts

Easy to set up for the various locations around our school where we need to record details of all people attending an event.

Barry K
Business Manager, Education

The application was simple to configure and get operational quickly. We were looking for a simple check-in application to handle campus tracking of staff, students and contractors for COVID response. The system has been successfully used by Public Health for contact tracing purposes. It is very reasonably priced in comparison to other similar products.

Jennifer F.
Manager, IT Service Operations, Education

We needed a sign-in solution that was easy for everyone to use. With a range of sign-in options available in EVA, we chose QR code scanning. And we’ve not looked back. The guys on the ground love its ease of use as their details are remembered from site to site. With over 150 sub-contractors working for us on any one day, being able to accurately record who is on what site is a must.

Lib Freeman
National Health & Safety Manager, Mike Greer Commercial

The integration between EVA Check-in and Procore is a real time-saver. It pulls the contractor time-on-site data into the Site Managers' Procore daily diary automatically. And in the process, it improves data accuracy and saves time.

Matthew Bates
IS Manager, McNab

Easy to use, helps us keep things on track and easily monitor site visitation.

Helen V
Village Manager, Retirement Village

This was set-up in 20 minutes and was quickly usable. The executives are impressed and satisfied with audit function of the software. It covers us for WHS and state regulations.

Lance B
System Administrator, Government

Easy to use. Good staff uptake. Looks professional when visitors come to our site. Great to keep track of casual staff, so helped with our payroll as well. Easy to customise into dual languages. Easy to add our own messaging and our own logo. Produced our own QR code posters. Great professional look.

Annette W, Business Analyst

“EVA Check-in works via a simple QR code on the front end but on the back end it has the most amazing system. It ‘remembers’ visitors for the next time, including whole families, so we can check in regulars quickly and easily enabling social distancing by preventing queues building up. We now know exactly how many people come into each venue and we receive an alert when we hit the maximum limit.”

Darren Schooth, State Operations Manager
Queensland Rugby League