How EVA Check-in creates a five-star customer experience that grows business value

Andrew Taylor

20+ years in technology & innovation

A well-executed customer experience is the bedrock of differentiation. With too many products and services being too similar, the only way to stand out in a sea of sameness is to tailor customer experiences that make customers feel heard, understood, and communicated with during their journey.

The link between great customer experiences to stronger business value is well documented. Just some of the statistics include that customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that don’t focus on customers, and 81% of companies view customer experience as a competitive differentiator.

So, how does EVA Check-in help you create a stellar customer experience for your visitors?

Creating a visitor experience that is personal, memorable, and positive is easier than you’d think when EVA Check-in manages your front-of-house visitor experience. It’s about making the small details all work seamlessly together to create a positive impression and leave your visitors happy to return.

1.      Creating a stellar experience
It only takes a few seconds for first impressions to be formed. When running a busy reception area, a great welcome is about creating comfort, meeting immediate needs, and exceeding expectations.

When you use EVA Check-in to pre-register your guests, you can send out links to the NDA and safety briefings in the meeting request email. This can also include an option to select whether there are special dietary needs if they’re attending an all-day meeting. The possibilities here are endless.

Once your visitor arrives on-site, EVA Check-in will notify the host and let them know their visitor has arrived. With this, the host can greet their guest without waiting for the receptionist to be free to call them.

You can extend the welcome by providing your guests with guest Wi-Fi details and the ability to order a coffee once they are signed in.

2.      Visual impressions matter
A clutter-free reception area makes a great impression. When the space is clean and well-organised, it sends a clear message to visitors that this is a professional business.

The same applies to the check-in interface in the kiosk or app you’re using. Every EVA Check-in customer can tailor the kiosk interface with their brand – logo, copy, colour, and background image. When these align with the broader brand experience, you’re setting the tone for positive brand engagement.

Another bonus with EVA Check-in is that there are kiosk apps for both Android and iOS. This allows you to choose your preferred tech at the reception desk, rather than being forced down a specific path by a vendor.

If you’re a corporate running a large standalone kiosk, EVA Check-in includes options for a creating a premium experience. This software gives guests a bi-lingual check-in experience that includes running videos during the welcome process, advanced branding and messaging options, and guests can even select the host via a photo carousel.  

3.      Be up and running quickly
When software is easy to implement, you’ll accelerate the time to increased business value. EVA Check-in is implemented in as little as 15 minutes.  Independent research by Info-Tech’s Software Reviews* has verified this with 88% of reviewers rating EVA Check-in highly for this important metric.

What customer experience can you expect from us?

Enabling you to give your guests an amazing customer experience is one of our goals. Another is to give you (our customer) a brilliant experience when working with us from the moment you get in touch or start a trial.

Info-Tech’s Software Reviews research named EVA Check-in a gold medalist in the Visitor Management Data Quadrant Awards.  Stand out metrics in this research show that 88%of our customers believe that our software creates immediate and impactful business value.  Alongside this EVA Check-in outperforms all others in the visitor management category for usability, intuitiveness and ease of implementation.

Now that you know what you can expect from us - both you and for your customers - is it time to revamp your visitor welcome experience? Why not get started with our free 14-day trial? You’ll get plenty of support along the way to ensure you’ve got it set up exactly as you’d like.


* The ranking represents end-user reviews collected through detailed reviews. These reviews are free from traditional market ranking components such as market presence and analyst opinion.  

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