Introducing Supplier Compliance Management: Verify your supply chain vendors

Andrew Taylor

20+ years in technology & innovation

Still trying to onboard your suppliers' using forms and spreadsheets?

Increasingly, management teams and Boards are moving beyond working with companies based solely on market reputation and cost competitiveness. This is no longer adequate. Alongside cost, businesses need to understand supply chain risk and they want to engage with vendors that share the same ESG and people-first principles.

But how exactly do you do this when you've lots of suppliers?  

We’ve found many businesses still rely on spreadsheets and PDF forms for gathering and storing key information. They're sending multiple emails chasing suppliers to provide the information and coordinating internal approvers for review.  There are bottlenecks and compliance gaps everywhere.

These can start with missing deadlines for gathering insurance certificate renewals and health and safety declarations. But can also lead to working with a supplier that doesn't share the same safety expectations as you do.

At the end of the day, it's time-consuming tracking all the small details and keeping the business running smoothly when you’re in charge of procurement or health and safety. And the risks are high if you don’t get it right.

Start by process automation

Automating supplier management systemizes the gathering of evidence and suppliers' approvals and creates an auditable record of each supplier's status and their submitted supporting documents. It allows you to mitigate supplier-based risk earlier and keep information current.

On a daily level, it removes the pressure from tracking the many small yet essential details about your suppliers, removes bottlenecks, and improves data quality.

Introducing EVA Check-in's Supplier Compliance Management

This feature automates supplier management by guiding and reminding suppliers to provide the necessary information – when you first engage and then on renewal too.

You determine the workflow by supplier type and risk. This allows you to demand different supporting information and have different approval processes for each type. Supporting information could include health and safety plans, insurance certificates, ESG policies, modern slavery policies, and cyber security credentials.

Supplier submissions can be assessed and approved based on a points system, manual approval or a combination.

Easily see which suppliers are verified, whether they are part way through verification, or if the verification has lapsed.

EVA Check-in Supplier Compliance Management keeps the supplier approval process flowing. When you set automated renewal requests, your suppliers get reminders to retain compliance without any emails or manual interventions from you.

You easily keep tabs on how your suppliers' status. From the portal, you can see which suppliers are verified, whether they are part way through verification, or if it's lapsed. Additionally, your colleagues can access an approved supplier database for more robust procurement – with tagging and type classifications.  Suppliers get their own online portal view where they can see progress and initiate any forms you’ve enabled for them.

This feature inherits the same robust data controls as EVA Check-in. The documents your suppliers provide, like corporate certificates and licenses, are securely stored and accessed according to the permissions you set.

Finally, when you’re using Supplier Compliance Management alongside contractor sign-ins and inductions, you’ll have the added benefit of having both your suppliers and their employees who come onto your site verified and fully inducted according to your processes. Closing this loop reduces risk extensively.

Sound interesting? Click through a tour or request a deeper dive here. We’d love to show you around.

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