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How does EVA Pass work?

1. Send an EVA Pass to pre-registered visitors, or provide it on check-in.

2. EVA Pass appears on iPhone homescreen when they are near a check-in kiosk.

3. Visitors scan their EVA Pass on a kiosk when they arrive and leave.

4. They can use the same pass next time they visit, and can even check in on their Apple Watch.

What's the benefit of EVA Pass?

EVA Pass makes it even faster and easier for visitors to check in – with no typing on a tablet, and no app to install.

EVA Pass also replaces old school printed labels . While traditional visitor labels create waste, fall off, and can't be recycled, EVA Pass is a digital and reusable pass that's better for the planet.


The pass changes status when you check-in, providing proof of sign-in.

It’s especially good for visitors who use Apple Wallet – their pass appears ready to scan on their lock screen when they’re near a kiosk.


What is EVA Pass?

Reduce queues, increase smiles

Check-in just got easier with EVA Pass 😀

EVA Pass is a reusable check-in pass for Apple Wallet or Google Pay

How do I get EVA Pass?

  1. Sign up for EVA Check-in and set up your site(s) and kiosk(s)

  2. Configure your EVA Pass settings in the portal

  3. Awesome check-in experience unlocked 😀

EVA Pass is part of EVA Check-in. Find out more.