Industry-leading integrations

Keep your people humming by connecting EVA Check-in to your favorite business tools

Link your contractors’ attendance data to your Procore projects for better reporting and time usage reconciliations.

Send sign-in and out data to your own systems, like building access and locker key systems. Build your own in/out board so everyone can see at a glance who is where.

Use the same Microsoft 365 username and password to access and manage EVA Check-in. Send meeting invites to external visitors via Outlook.

Lots of staff? Integrate with Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Active Directory) to simplify employee management. Works with on-premise Entra ID and Azure Entra ID.

Send notifications to individuals when visitors arrive or notify specific teams when staff arrive and leave the workplace. Remove this task from frontline staff or enable an unattended reception.

Direct message individuals or channels when contractors, visitors, or colleagues arrive. When the small things like notifications are automated, front desk staff are freed up for other tasks or run a completely unattended reception.

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