How to kickstart 2022 with a safer workplace reopening using visitor management

Andrew Taylor

20+ years in technology & innovation

We’ve all had moments of hope over the past few years – that the tide is turning on the pandemic and that we’ll soon be able to return to our ‘normal’ lives (and workplaces). But as the pandemic has continued, we’ve learned to be more patient and reframe our workplace expectations.

Many businesses spent part of 2020 or 2021 evaluating and designing return to work policies and procedures. As vaccinations rolled out, companies consulted widely on what a return to the workplace could look like. But as we’ve seen, the emergence of new variants, like Omicron, has paused many workers returning to the office until the worst of it is over.

However, this delay gives businesses time to make sure that they are 100% return-ready. Omicron means that organisations need to adapt procedures to factor in booster vaccinations and vaccine mandates in some sectors. And overall, to balance compliance with reducing friction for employees and visitors. Here at EVA Check-in, we’ve got several tools that mean you can safely reopen your workplace and welcome your team, visitors, and contractors back easily and efficiently.

1.       Vaccination status declaration

Vaccination status declarations have become standard for many workplaces. For management teams, knowing the status of employees, visitors, and contractors at their workplaces is a way to manage health and safety, and therefore risk.

And with the need for booster doses, knowing the vaccination status of each employee requires an additional layer of monitoring as everyone cycles through getting their booster shots.

With EVA Check-in, your staff and visitors can submit their vaccination status easily, quickly, and digitally. And for our Kiwi customers, it integrates with My Vaccine Pass for an added verification level. Should your visitor not meet the required vaccination requirements, the person that they are visiting gets notified immediately.

2.       Sign-in logs

During the early stages of the pandemic, many governments rolled out their own QR code check-in systems to help manage contact tracing. However, as the pandemic has progressed, many regions now have given the responsibility for record-keeping to the business or organization – allowing them to choose which system they use for record-keeping.

Being able to independently manage workplace data like who is on-site to undertake near-immediate contact tracing easily is a must. Fortunately, with EVA Check-in, you capture a complete history of who is on-site and for how long in near real-time – so that identifying close contacts is fast and reduces any potential impact on your business.

3.       Contactless sign-ins

Related to the above, friction-free sign-ins are a must, especially for regular visitors and staff.

EVA Check-in visitor management system includes four different check-in methods. We have QR code check-in on our tablets and posters, which less tech-savvy people often prefer, while others prefer to use our app with geofences for a hands-free experience. The tablet check-in and pass lie somewhere in-between in taking a contactless approach. When you make it very easy to sign in at a workplace (and the tech remembers your details if you often come, including vaccination status), you know you’re prioritising people’s experience and time, which boosts compliance.

4.       Hot desking tools

Desk booking and capacity management capability are needed to meet social distancing requirements. When staff can no longer sit shoulder to shoulder, they will need to book a desk in advance to use safely.

EVA Check-in includes hot desk booking, where capacity can vary by date if needed. Easy-to-use and packed with useful messaging tools to remind employees of their booking, EVA Check-in manages hotdesking simply and easily.

5.       Pre-registration

Let your visitors or contractors know what to expect – or collect essential information ahead of their visit.  With EVA’s Outlook add-in you can automatically send visitors an online pre-registration form to capture details, set out compliance requirements in advance of their arrival.

If you’re on the look out for practical tips for transitioning your workplace to hybrid, check out our series of free checklists here. And if you’re ready to dip in and experience EVA Check-in for yourself, sign up for a free 14-day trial today.

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