Taking the hard work out of mandatory sign-ins

Andrew Taylor

20+ years in technology & innovation

The New Zealand Government announced on 22 August 2021 that businesses will soon be required to record who is on-site to accelerate contact tracing in case of future Covid-19 outbreaks.  The reasons cited are two-fold. Use of the government Covid Tracer app has declined and the speed of transmission of the Covid-19 delta variant is less than 24 hours, which means contact tracing needs to happen faster than previously.

As a business, how do you make it super easy for your staff to record their visits to the office - as well as your visitors? And if you’re updating your office protocols for Covid, how do you ensure staff and visitors have read and completed these when they come to the office?

The EVA Check-in visitor management system includes four check-in methods – automated check-in via geofence, QR code, reusable pass and tablet kiosk.

Using the geofence check-in option means that staff and repeat visitors/contractors only need to download and check-in with the EVA Check-in app once, and then every entry and exit from your workplace is logged automatically without the need to do anything. No need to remember to scan.  

The EVA Pass option also works well for return visitors – easing the process of signing in down to a simple scan.  EVA Pass integrates with Apple Wallet and Watch and can automatically prompt visitors when they come to the office.

When you can reduce the friction around check-ins you know that you’re prioritizing people’s experience and time - making it easy for your staff and visitors to be as compliant as possible.

EVA Check-in also lets you create your own site safety certificates. These can be done online before people arrive or on check-in.  Outline key Covid safety requirements and ask quiz questions – have different certificates for staff vs guests – it’s up to you.  Once people have completed it they won’t  be prompted again until it expires (which can be any period – e.g. 1 week to 1 year).

And of course, with EVA you have access to the entry/exit logs available in the portal when you need it – plus all the required data privacy controls on a platform that is ISO 27001 certified.

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