Boost staff confidence for workplace reopening with proof of vaccination

Andrew Taylor

20+ years in technology & innovation

Businesses throughout the world are working through a significant reset – how to keep their workplaces safe for everyone once they reopen, most likely in Q1 2022.

There are teams of people wanting to return to their workplaces to collaborate in person, build better relationships with colleagues, and feel more connected to their places of work. However, many are still concerned about being exposed to Covid-19 and its impact on their own families and communities.

Right now, businesses are working through the implications of reopening. Management teams and boards discuss this issue regularly, and HR teams are rolling out surveys on everything from engagement and culture to hybrid working to workplace safety.

Although Government-mandated Covid-19 regulations are different from country to country, here in New Zealand businesses are working to understand the new vaccine mandates and how to use the NZ Vaccine Pass along with the traffic light system of management. Companies are also responsible for the record-keeping – knowing who was on-site when and, in some cases, whether people on site meet the vaccination requirements.

Additionally, to build more confidence in face-to-face interactions and relationship building, many businesses are rolling out their own policies requiring that their staff, contractors, and visitors be fully vaccinated before coming on-site.

Safety protocols your people can trust

To meet these needs, workplace leaders are adjusting their existing health protocols. Striking a balance between keeping workplaces safe with individual privacy is challenging without the right tools.

Recording vaccination status in spreadsheets isn’t viable, secure, or easy to manage from a data retention perspective. Nor is asking visitors at a busy reception to show their vaccination status each time they enter a workplace possible either.

By using EVA Check-in's flexible check-in processes, you’re able to record the vaccine status of each visitor, contractor, cleaner, and vendor that enters your site — all with the appropriate levels of data security and customizable health protocols. And the good news for repeat visitors and contractors is that you can elect whether this is needed on every visit or just when their vaccine pass expires.

To do this simply setup a custom check-in process to create your own health protocol. Custom processes handle inductions too and allow you to set up bespoke health and safety processes dependent on site and visitor type. The standard site sign-in process is just three or four quick steps:

  1. Accept Health & Safety declaration
  2. Select visitor type (if configured)
  3. Enter details – e.g. name, phone, email, address
  4. Optionally, select who you’re meeting with

Adding an extra custom check-in step to require that the visitor provide proof of their vaccination status is easy. The person assisting with check-in can optionally record that they have seen proof of the vaccination record and note this in the EVA portal to complete the visitor check-in. Depending on how you wish to configure your process, the person may need to also show evidence of a negative Covid-19 test for example, if they are not vaccinated. Or may need to show their status again in another six months.

Either way it is a flexible and effective way to build COVID safety protocols your staff can trust.

Recording proof of vaccination is now even easier for Kiwi customers

For customers wanting to use New Zealand's My Vaccine Pass, recording vaccination status is now a one-step process.

To see what EVA Check-in could do for your safe return to the workplace now and in 2022, get in touch.

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