EVA Check-in integration for Microsoft Teams

Keep everyone in the loop when visitors come and go

Notify your staff when their visitors arrive using the tools they use, with the EVA Check-in and Microsoft Teams integration.

By integrating EVA Check-in with Microsoft Teams, you:

  • Save time with automated notifications of visitor arrivals and departures
  • Present a professional experience for visitors
  • Can run an unattended reception
  • Know who is where when staff split their time between customer sites, home, and your workplace. Use the integration to keep your teams and channels up to date with staff whereabouts.

What’s needed to set up this integration?

  • Active EVA Check-in plan
  • Active Microsoft Teams account
  • Microsoft Teams administrator permissions
  • EVA Check-in administrator permissions.

About Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is messaging app for business. It is a workspace for real time collaboration and communication.