EVA Check-in integration for Microsoft 365

Making it easier to manage everyday tasks

Single sign-on and sending meeting invites to external visitors via the Outlook add-in are all part of the EVA Check-in integration for Microsoft 365 accounts.

By integrating EVA Check-in with Microsoft 365 you:

  • Save time by using the same login you use for Microsoft 365 for EVA Check-in
  • Benefit from additional security on your Microsoft accounts like multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies
  • Send pre-registration information directly to external visitors from Outlook. Outlook detects that you are inviting people from outside your organization and includes pre-arrival information on the invite. This means that your visitors can bypass some check-in processes
  • Ensure that visitors meet your health and safety requirements.

What’s needed to set up this integration?

  • Active EVA Check-in plan
  • Active Microsoft Office 365 account
  • EVA Check-in administrator permissions
  • Microsoft Office 365 administrator permissions.

About Office 365

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-powered productivity platform including Outlook, Microsoft Teams and more.