EVA Check-in integration for Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Active Directory)

Automatically sync your staff lists with EVA Check-in

Keep your staff lists in EVA Check-in up to date using the EVA Check-in and Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Active Directory) integration. Any changes made in Microsoft Entra ID are synced into EVA Check-in, making management even easier.

By integrating EVA Check-in with Microsoft Entra ID you:

  • Have an accurate host list for visitors to choose from
  • Update your staff list automatically, including creating new staff records, removing staff records, or updating their workplace location. No manual updates are needed.
  • Present a professional experience for visitors.

What’s needed to set up this integration?

  • Entra ID Sync EVA Check-in add-on plus an EVA Check-in core package
  • Active Microsoft Entra ID instance – either Azure or on-premise
  • EVA Check-in administrator permissions
  • Entra ID administrator permissions.

About Microsoft Entra ID

Entra ID is a database and set of services that connect users with the network resource they need to get their work done.