How site sign-in software improves Covid-19 safety on construction sites

Leigh Roberts

Customer advocate & business process specialist

Since the pandemic started, businesses have been transforming how they operate – mainly through reshaping processes using technology and innovation to become more efficient and productive. The construction sector is one of those sectors that are starting to see the benefits of this approach.

As a sector that has largely been prioritised to return to work in many countries, the emphasis on safety is even higher. In addition to regulated safety requirements like certificates to operate equipment, use of safety processes, and inductions, the construction and building sector now needs to factor in Covid-19 safety precautions. This is particularly important when considering the obligation to keep people safe, which is further amplified as many contractors work across multiple sites or for more than one company. And businesses, of course, are keen to avoid any financial penalties associated with construction delays arising from teams unable to work due to Covid.  

So how can construction companies use sign-in software to reduce their risk of productivity loss due to Covid-19?  

1. Touchless sign-in process to make site presence record-keeping trouble-free

When everyone signs in without touching common contact points, you know that your record-keeping isn't a transmission source.

Software that uses a virtual perimeter, known as a geofence, allows a genuine hands-free approach that is failsafe, as the person coming on-site only needs to have their smartphone in their pocket. When they enter and leave the site, the geofence picks up and logs it. Nothing else is required.

For tech-shy contractors, QR codes displayed on the tablet app, or posted next to the entry, and exit gates are an easy way to record who is on-site. Both QR code and geofencing sign-ins are touchless methods, which are handy during a pandemic.

Other sites use a tablet for check-ins, allowing ad-hoc visitors to complete their sign-in details. Not touchless, but with simple cleaning between users, this can be a viable option for those without mobile devices.

2. Proactively manage vaccination status

Many governments have mandated that construction contractors and workers are vaccinated against Covid-19.   With governments issuing vaccination certificates that expire over time, managing the rolling vaccination status of a large team can be very time-consuming.

Sign-in software offers two ways to manage this. Either you create your own site safety certificates, or work alongside government-issued passes, like New Zealand's 'My Vaccine Pass.'  

Suppose you set up your own safety certificates in your sign-in system. In that case, you can ask users a customised list of questions depending on their role type (electrical contractor, heavy machinery operator, engineer, for example) and include the option to upload copies of their passes and complete expiry dates. An alternative, like integrating with New Zealand’s 'My Vaccine Pass' validates that the pass is genuine with fewer steps.

Either way, once completed, the contractor won't be asked for it again until their details expire – simplifying check-in for subsequent visits and helping with reporting.

3.       Release safety inductions before entry onto site for faster site entry

The construction sector is familiar with running health and safety inductions. When your sign-in software supports customised safety inductions, you can email/txt them out in advance of the contractor's scheduled work.

Should a contractor come on-site without the appropriate induction or certifications, the site manager receives an alert (and then can manage it immediately with the person involved).  

This is a great way to operate efficiently and ensure people are approved for being on site and can reduce the potential for different contractors to mingle – when that’s required.

4.       Contact tracing

The concept of contact tracing is now well known. With sign-in software, you can easily manage site-wide contact tracing using the data in the site audit logs.  

Find all people who were on site at the same time, and easily create exports for Excel to share with others.  Access to data is audited and data retention settings mean it is only kept for as long as required.

5.       Wellness measures

Some businesses are taking the temperature of their contractors, or even using periodic Rapid Antigen Tests to assist with the early identification of unwell contractors. With sign-in software, you capture that the temperature was checked, or RAT result, and whether any further action was taken. It makes it super easy to audit and monitor the wellness status of your site.


Using technology to lay the groundwork for Covid-free sites

Taking a safety-first approach to Covid-19 needn't slow you or your contractors down. When you adopt technology that supports sign-in and other operational activities in the construction sector, you can be sure that you're laying the groundwork for Covid-free sites. Or, disruption as possible due to Covid.

Of course, health and safety on site is not just about Covid. Ensuring you know who is checked in, being able to quickly broadcast to all those on site via SMS, and reference evacuation lists in an emergency are all features you get with a sign in system too.

If you'd like to see for yourself how construction companies are using EVA Check-in to help manage their business during the pandemic, please get in touch. Or, if you'd like to take a free 14-day trial and see what you can do with EVA Check-in, get started here.

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