EVA Parking: Car park booking made easy

Andrew Taylor

20+ years in technology & innovation

EVA Parking is part of the EVA visitor management suite. EVA Check-in already helps hundreds of organisations securely manage capacity across multiple locations, check in visitors and report on visitor activity. How could this technology be applied in other contexts where load, capacity and traceability were important?

When we were approached by Ruapehu Alpine Lifts, who were keen to offer their visitors a better parking solution this ski season, we could see lots of ways a check in and booking app could help.

Benefits of car park booking software

EVA Parking lets you make the most of the car parks you have, allowing staff and visitors to book in advance. It gives your customers and staff confidence they have a spot before they arrive – while making it easy for you to flexibly manage your bookings and capacity.

Car park booking for ski fields

Ski fields have large car parking areas, but on busy days these can become overcrowded. And for visitors, a long drive up a mountain to discover a full parking lot can be extremely frustrating.  

We are working with Ruapehu Alpine Lifts, who run Mt Ruapehu’s Tūroa and Whakapapa ski fields, on advance booking for their car park. This means visitors can be confident they’ll get a park, and traffic on the mountain is better managed.

Managing car parking for events and tournaments – with or without bookings

Need to manage parking for large events - even if you aren’t charging for parking? Spread the load and manage capacity better using EVA Parking.

Visitors can book ahead, rather than turn up all at once and discover parking is full. You can also use EVA Parking without bookings to manage capacity on the day. Just check in people and cars as they arrive, and you’ll always know how many people and cars are onsite.

Car park booking for workplaces

Workplaces have changed. With more people working from home, parking spots can be under-used. If you have a workplace with a pool of car parks, share them around more easily with EVA Parking’s simple booking and capacity management. Staff can book for the days they are coming in and change their booking any time.

Smarter car parking with EVA Parking

We’ve applied what we learned developing EVA Check-in for visitor management and contact tracing to car park management. The result is a stack of handy features:

  • Manage multiple car park locations: Use EVA Parking to manage car parking across all your offices, sites and locations, all from a single, easy to use dashboard.
  • Flexible capacity management: Set capacity per car park and override when needed. Need to reduce capacity for an event or only allow booking for set days? – we can handle that. By proactively managing car parking capacity, avoid visitor frustration, queues and congestion.
  • Check-in by car registration with a dedicated mobile app for parking attendants. Great for one-off events or outdoor parking scenarios where fixed barriers and hardware are impractical.
  • Instant car park bookings are also possible with the Attendant app. This means you can check cars and people in on the fly, allowing you to track capacity of cars and people even if you don’t need advance bookings.
  • Change and add bookings anytime.
  • No-show handling: If car parks are fully booked, you can automatically release car parks if people don’t turn up after a set time (and optionally send them reminders to change their booking).
  • Integrate: Get booking details sent to your existing systems so you know when people create or change bookings and when they arrive.
  • Green-light vehicles: Pre-load a list of known number plates that don’t require booking, so staff can drive right in without hassle.
  • Reporting: See who has checked in and export visitor lists

If you are interested in how parking can help your organisation please get in touch to discuss this new service.

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