Check in on any device with new kiosk mode

Andrew Taylor

20+ years in technology & innovation

EVA Check-in Kiosk lets people type their details on the tablet, similar to other visitor management systems. No need for messy, insecure paper registers, or multiple and/or manual systems. All your check-ins are managed safely, securely and centrally by EVA Check-in.

Says Head of Product Andrew Taylor:

“We have a number of existing EVA check-in customers in the aged residential care sector. Their feedback was that not all visitors had their own phones, and they wanted to avoid going back to paper-based check in. We developed kiosk so that organisations could manage all check-ins in one system, whether their visitors had their own device or not. The uptake has been great, with organisations in the sports, healthcare, business, primary industries and education sectors using it as their visitor management system.”

Need to use less paper? Get a contactless reception experience

Many visitor management systems are not contactless. Visitors need to type their details on a provided device and don’t have the option to use their own device. Or sign in is managed via an insecure paper register, where other visitors can see your details and everyone shares the same pen.

With EVA Check-in kiosk you get the best of both worlds in one visitor management solution. If visitors have their own phone, they can stay contactless, and scan the QR code provided on the tablet screen using their own device, but if they don’t, they can use the tablet to enter the details. All visitor details, no matter what device they use to check-in, are securely managed in the same system. No paper and pens, and no exposed personal details.

Proven visitor management system

EVA Check-in has already supported more than 1 million check-ins. All of its proven visitor management features are now available in a kiosk experience. Visitors can still check in using the EVA Check-in app on their phone, with all their saved details.

It’s also possible to provide additional visitor information as part of the sign in process, including health and safety declarations, COVID-19 messages and more.

New ‘meeting with’ feature for full reception experience

In kiosk mode, you can connect up your staff list to your check-in experience, allowing visitors to select the person they are meeting with, and for them to be notified by email, text message/SMS, Microsoft Teams, Slack or your preferred channel.

There are options to upload your staff list or synchronise with Active Directory – contact us to find out more and enable this feature.

Enhanced check-in security to protect visitors and staff

When running in kiosk mode, EVA Check-in uses a short-lived QR code for extra security. Using this code is the only way to access the ‘meeting with’ feature – ensuring that your staff list says safe and secure.

Use any tablet or device as your reception sign-in system

EVA Check-in kiosk can run on almost any device, including iPad, Android tablet, Windows tablet or even a laptop or desktop PC. So there’s no need to purchase any new hardware to get a secure, unified and paper-free visitor management system up and running. And if you’re already running EVA Check-in with QR posters, enabling kiosk mode is easy.

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