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Link your contractors' attendance data to your Procore projects for better reporting and time usage reconciliations.

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Automatically sync check-in data to Procore

Chasing contractors for sign-in details and then inputting this into your Procore projects takes time that could be spent better elsewhere.  Automate both collecting sign-in data and syncing the contractor time-on-site data to the Manpower log and visitor data to the visitor log. Eliminate data double-handling.

Improve time-on-site data quality

Capture ‘reason for visit’ and link check-in locations to project locations for detailed reporting. Eliminate duplicate company names in your records by syncing the Procore company directory to EVA Check-in sign-in app.

Check out the data flows below.

Procore data flows

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Procore helps construction firms increase project efficiency and accountability by streamlining and mobilizing project communications and documentations.

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