New feature: How we’re making it easier to keep construction site documents current and accessible to all

Leigh Roberts

Customer advocate & business process specialist

Time is money – and we’re happy that our new feature saves both time and money.

Introducing on site documents

Now your essential documents like Safety Data Sheets, plans, operating manuals, and safe working practices can be added to EVA Check-in so that anyone can access them across all your sites. No more traipsing back and forth to the site office for a doc!

Site managers need to keep essential safety accessible at their worksite.  These documents are often in a ring binder or folder in the site office. Updating them every six months is time-consuming, and the audit trail can be poor. Making them digital and accessible on mobile is a game changer.

For those on the tools, accessing information where they need it saves precious time. When contractors use the EVA Check-in app, they no longer need to leave where they are working to trek back to the Site Office to check on an important detail. It is all at their fingertips.

They can either find the document in the on site information in the app or scan a QR code to open the document. QRs can be posted at safety stations or attached to equipment for instant access to operating procedures and more.

Early adopter feedback

Early adopter Bradley Debnam from Marra Construction made this comment about this new feature:

This has solved a massive time issue regarding the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) compliance needed at all our sites.

Before we had two huge folders on each site, it was an absolute pain updating the expired SDS sheets across all our sites.

We now use the file option on EVA Check-in to store our safety data sheet files allowing everyone on-site to access them under the site info tab on EVA. We’re still compliant with legislation guidelines. Life is so much easier!

Now subscribers get even more value from EVA Check-in as this new feature is available on all plans at no additional cost.  For more information, go here.

Want to give it a try? Take a free 14-day trial and kick start your EVA Check-in journey today!

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