Managing check-ins for sport

Andrew Taylor

20+ years in technology & innovation

Every organisation is different, with unique check-in and contact tracing requirements, alongside those details mandated by state or national government. Not every organisation has a reception desk or single point of entry. Will EVA Check-in work for me as a [insert sector here] organisation? is one of the questions we're most often asked. Happily, the answer is almost always yes!

We work with organisations large and small in the aged residential care sector, as well as offices, logistics, transportation and construction sites, managing check-ins for a single site through to more than 300.

Supporting sports organisations in Australia to return to play

One area where there's been particularly widespread adoption of EVA Check-in is the sports and recreation sector, especially in Australia. We already have many sports clubs, organisations and facilities using EVA Check-in to meet their contact tracing obligations and keep track of participants, spectators, staff and visitors at their venues, including:

Queensland Rugby League

Hockey Queensland

Football Queensland

Netball Queensland

Softball QLD

Little Athletics - Queensland and New South Wales

Football Tasmania

Netball Tasmania

Softball NSW

>> See how EVA Check-in is supporting Queensland Rugby League’s return to footy.

Six ways to use EVA Check-in to manage check-ins for your sports organisation

EVA Check-in is fully customisable to suit your specific requirements. Here are some things you can do to set up safe, contactless, sports-friendly check-ins for your sports organisation:

  1. Use custom profile fields to collect extra details you need, such as team or club.
  2. Set venue maximums and get alerts when that maximum is reached. This is particularly useful when maximum gathering sizes are mandated.
  3. Invite your participants to download the EVA Check-in app for fast and easy family group  check ins - just like Football Queensland.
  4. Use visitor types to track players, spectators, coaches and staff.
  5. Use check-in zones to track who was at a specific field or court.
  6. Customise your health and safety message on check-in with a sports-specific message:

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