How construction sites use geofence virtual perimeters

Leigh Roberts

Customer advocate & business process specialist

Geofences are virtual perimeters that are drawn around a specific geographic area. GPS and wi-fi signals from phones are used to decide if you are inside or outside the geofence. They can be used by nearly all smartphones. And they are straightforward to roll out and use for both the company and the construction worker.

An example of geofencing on a construction site is when a contractor with a geofence app walks onto site the app records the worker has arrived automatically. The worker doesn't do anything other than carry their mobile with the app running. This kind of silent sign-in streamlines work. It can also trigger other actions too, like request the completion of safety inductions.

Construction sites generally use geofences to improve safety and efficiency by monitoring workers' movement, and sometimes equipment and vehicles within designated zones.

Here's how they're often used:

  1. Site sign-in: Geofences can replace traditional sign-in sheets. Contractors enable geofences on the site sign-in app to check in and out, removing the need to complete physical paperwork and making attendance tracking easier. This kind of data can be used for site safety – assisting with evacuations – and matched against supplier invoices to ensure the hours invoiced match the hours on site, for example.
  2. Site induction: Geofences can trigger site inductions. As part of the site sign-in, the worker can receive a notification asking them to complete or renew an induction questionnaire for that site. Having everything recorded online reduces the time it takes for site managers and general contractors to manage this task‍.
  3. Asset control: Using a geofence-enabled IoT sensor, you can monitor the movement of your vehicles or assets on a construction site. For example, this can be especially useful for sites needing a safety net for their unattended worksites over the weekend.
How to get started with geofences

Typically there are two parts needed to work with geofences. GPS-enabled devices like a smartphone with a mobile app that can detect movement in and out of the boundary, and you'll also need geofencing software that can mark out the virtual boundaries on a map and provide you with real-time data and reports.

Geofences for sign-in and safety

A full coverage safety solution, like EVA Check-in, is excellent if you need to know who is on-site, boost your site safety, and pull time-on-site data into your Procore projects.

EVA Check-in dramatically reduces the time it takes site managers to manage these tasks while also improving their record-keeping. The EVA Check-in mobile app for Apple and Android uses location services to identify whether the phone is within the geofence. The good news about this is that it is done smartly without the battery being drained by continuous GPS use.

Many construction customers run sites with geofence and QR code sign-ins on their sites or kiosks to cater to contractors' personal preferences – and ensure that they maximise the opportunity for everyone to sign in digitally. EVA Check-in doesn't limit you to using the same check-in options across all your sites – you choose what is best by site. This flexibility is about our joint goal – to keep everyone safe at work.

Designed to roll out without IT support and a smart backend, EVA Check-in makes it easy to understand the data behind the sign-ins, including who arrived and when and whether they completed an induction. Time on site data is also tracked and, when integrated with Procore, you can see this data automatically in the Manpower log too.

Other solutions that use GPS technology

There are a host of solutions that address the analysis of driver behaviour and off-road charges in remote areas, for example.

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EVA Check-in is affordable, intuitive, and customizable to support a wide range of construction scenarios, from single sites to large multisite companies.

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