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What QR code scanning app do you recommend? 

In most cases you don't need an app at all. First try open the camera app on your phone and point it at the QR code.  If your camera recognises the QR code you should be prompted to ‘open evacheckin.com’ in your browser. See the instructions here for Apple.  

This should work for Android phones with version 8 up too. In some cases there is a camera setting that needs to be turned on – so check your settings. See here for more instructions specific to your model.  For older Android phones a QR scanner app is required. 

We have mobile apps too!

Try our free mobile app for Apple or Android app (yes, the Android App is back!).

Our mobile apps have features that make group check-ins easier and remember multiple profiles.

You will need to have mobile data turned on or access to WiFi for the page to load. 

The QR code is not working when I scan it.....

Is there an EVA Check-in app?

What happens to my data?

Got a question?

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