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Many organisations - from health facilities to large venues and multi-site businesses - have specific visitor/contactor management and site safety requirements.


It can sometimes be hard to figure out what will work well for your business and the things you need to take care of on check-in.


We can help! We’ve advised many organisations on ways to meet their visitor management, health and safety and security obligations, and would love to put together a tailored recommendation just for you.


Simply leave your details and our solutions advisors, Peter and Leigh, will be back in touch to find out about your business objectives and provide a FREE a consultation and recommendation. There’s no obligation to purchase. 

Tailored solutions in action 

Health facility

A multi-clinic company pre-screens visitors to check for illness before coming on site. They use SMS to send patient surveys prior to arrival. Reception staff get notified of any red flags with responses. Kiosk tablets on site allow patients to check-in when they arrive - either on the tablet or via contactless QR.

Construction company

A construction company uses geofences around their sites so workers are automatically checked-in/out using the EVA mobile app, without needing to remember or get out their phone. Additional health and safety information is provided in the EVA app using the customisable processes - specific to visitor type and site.

Sporting event

A large netball competition needed to check in ten thousand people over a weekend while meeting contact tracing requirements. To make this as fast as possible, visitors download the EVA app and pre-fill their contact details in advance, so when they arrive they simply scan to be instantly checked-in without delays typing or writing on paper.

FREE consultation, no obligation to purchase.

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