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Take the hardwork out of mandatory sign-ins

Choose from geofence, app, kiosk and QR code. And remove friction from mandatory sign-ins to improve compliance.

Reopen your business safely today.

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Workplace management tools for agile businesses

Contactless sign-ins

Enable contactless sign-in for visitors and staff. Sign-in using geofence, app, QR codes or reusable passes. Know exactly who is on-site and manage capacity easily.

Geofence sign-in

Remove the reliance on staff to manually sign-in each time they arrive and leave your workplace. Geofence is the ultimate in set-up and forget check-in.

A perfect reception welcome

Andoid or iOS kiosk check-in supports both attended or unattended receptions. Automatic visitor arrival notifications supports all check-in methods.

Reporting at your fingertips

Powerful built-in reporting and analytics lets you see who is on site, analyse and export your sign-in data. Audit logs ensure all access to visitor information is captured.

Safer workplace management

Check vaccination status, or validate contractors have the correct licence to operate safely and in compliance with the relevant rules on your site.

Emergency preparedness

Instantly know who is on-site at any time and be alerted when you're approaching (and reach) maximum capacity.  Use attendance data to communicate in an emergency.

Customisable hot desk booking

Match your hot desk booking set-up to your hybrid working style to safely maximise your desk use. Easy to use self-booking portal for staff.

Flexible car park booking

Whether you're managing fixed or shared spaces or are managing large scale event parking the self-booking portal is a time-saving hero. Flexible and easy to set up.

Streamlining sign-ins and visitor management  


This was set-up in 20 minutes and was quickly usable. The executives are impressed and satisfied with audit function of the software. It covers us for WHS and state regulations.

Lance B
System Administrator, Government

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