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Flexible as you go

Check-in using a QR code poster when a tablet kiosk isn’t practical. Visitors check in quickly, safely and contact-free using their own device. 

Collect the information you need from your visitors ahead of time – send them a pre-registration checklist, survey, induction or form.

Front desk check-in experience

Visitors can check-in using the EVA kiosk on an iPad or Android tablet for a paper-free and professional reception experience.

Connect with your organisation's Active Directory or staff list - visitors select who they're meeting with, and hosts get notified.


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Pre-screen visitors

Send pre-arrival questions via email or SMS to pre-screen staff, visitors and contractors before they step on site.

Check travel history and vaccination status, or validate contractors have the correct licence to operate safely and in compliance with the relevant rules on your site.

EVA Check-in
Office - Please follow evacuation precedure
EVA Check-in
Building A - Hazard Warning
EVA Check-in
Office - Please follow evacuation precedure

Evacuation management

Send push notifications to all checked-in visitors. See who’s checked in and check them out manually.

Automatic check in with geofencing

A virtual boundary around your site allows contractors to check in automatically when they arrive.


Easy to implement

Deploy and customise a visitor management system to suit your school, with bulk upload options if you have several sites to keep track of.

“Super quick to setup and get going. And then the system just works. No worrying about managing the system thereafter and when you need info it's right there.”

Peter W, Deputy Master, Education

Supporting compliance across the enterprise

Display health and safety information and ask screening questions on check-in.  ISO 27001 certified, privacy-first design, with audit logs built in to track all access to visitor information.

Use Microsoft Office 365 Accounts for streamlined management of admin access.

Induct visitors and support compliance

Set up welcome processes so visitors can confirm NDAs and view evacuation plans. Display detailed induction information on sites with more hazards.