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More than 400 customers have used EVA Check-in

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EVA Check-in works via a simple QR code on the front end but on the back end it has the most amazing system.  It ‘remembers’ visitors for the next time, including whole families, so we can check in regulars quickly and easily enabling social distancing by preventing queues building up.  We now know exactly how many people come into each venue and we receive an alert when we hit the maximum limit.


Darren Schooth, State Operations Manager

Queensland Rugby Football League

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Without EVA Check-in we would not have had the capability to capture such heavy foot traffic for contact tracing. It was so quick and easy to use, which is particularly important when you are relying on volunteers as we do.  It has given us massive peace-of-mind to know we are doing the right thing by our customers and our staff and that we can access the data at any time should we be required to do so.


Laura Rathgeber, Delivery Network Lead
Netball Queensland 

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Having quality and reliable contact tracing has proven to be vital in managing Covid outbreaks. 
We set up the EVA Check-in system to be used for our entire shopping precinct.
This allows all the business to offer safe and quality contact tracing and saves the customer time filling in the same details every time they visit.
The system was easy to set up and works smoothly.

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Marketing Committee 
Heidelberg Central Shopping Centre


It has been exciting to use this platform for debating in QLD and I look forward to continuing our fantastic relationship in the future, rest assured I am a raving fan of your product.

Tony Scarcella
Program Manager
Queensland Debating Union

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Football Queensland deployed EVA Check-in platform across all 317 of our clubs across Queensland. EVA Check-in has been essential in the effective management of Football Queensland's response to the current health crisis across the state and has proved invaluable in reducing the burden on our volunteers and administrators.  Set up was simple and the customer support has been fantastic. EVA Check-in has proved a valuable resource for our clubs and for safeguarding the wellbeing of the entire Queensland football community.


Robert Cavallucci

Chief Executive Officer

Football Queensland

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to log guest activity using QR codes on posters or Kiosks such as iPads. 
EVA Check-in is a digital log book to keep your guests safe with a contactless solution.