Pricing to scale with your business.

No minimum term. 

Contactless check-in options


Collect information in advance from your visitors

No typing on a shared tablet

Visitors can sign in using their phone or Apple Watch

Automatic check-in

Set up geofences so people can be signed in automatically when they arrive

Or go low-tech

Print and customise QR-code posters for any area where you want to track attendance

Benefits of EVA Check-in

With 8 million check-ins in the last 12 months alone, EVA Check-in is a trusted, secure, contactless check-in solution for anyone who enters your premises - customers, visitors, contractors or staff.


Using a QR code, kiosk, or app, guests check-in simply and in seconds.


With EVA Check-in you always know who is here now, and who's been here. Report on this information when you need to, and be assured that data security, privacy, and ease of use are at the forefront.


EVA Check-in covers simple check-ins through to advanced health and safety scenarios.


Get back to the office with confidence

Efficient, effective visitor management

Contactless sign-in

Set up a reception kiosk on your tablet. Collect the sign-in info you need from anyone who arrives - staff, visitors and contractors.


See what our customers have to say

"Simple to set up and use"

"We've really appreciated the QR code that enables multiple guests to sign in at the same time. Our previous kiosk solution meant we had visitors queuing, sometimes for a long time just to sign in. "

Jessie L

Establishment Lead, Government

"Great professional look."

"Looks professional when visitors come to our site. Great to keep track of casual staff, so helped with our payroll as well. Easy to customise into dual languages. Easy to add our own messaging and our own logo." 

Annette W

Business Analyst, Education

Source: Capterra
Source: Capterra

EVA Check-in is a reception kiosk and contactless visitor management system. See all EVA Check-in features.